Melisa's BIO

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SoCal native, Melisa Price, began her career in fashion at the age of 19 when she landed her first fashion job at Paramount Pictures. As an intern in the Edith Head building, Melisa worked alongside legendary costume designers, learning the importance of craft and the value of uniqueness. Of the many hats she has worn, her favorite titles include that of Costume Designer, Stylist, Wardrobe Queen, Personal Shopper, Visual Merchandiser and, of course, Swimsuit Designer. Her proudest accomplishment, however, has been raising a son as a single mom while working. She started designing and selling swimwear in 2010 as Emvee Bikini, catering to the fun-loving beach bunnies of L.A., Orange County and San Diego. She partnered with Lauren Dani in 2016 when they realized their design dreams and imaginations ran like wildfire finding propane. They have already designed four distinct and themed capsule collections for their partnership label: L Label Loves Emvee Bikini.

Lauren's BIO


Lauren Dani’s career in design began in an unorthodox way. As a petite model, Lauren had the fashion woes of girls who were not status quo, where finding anything that accommodated her shape didn’t exist unless she tailored it herself. Lauren finessed her eye for fit and detail as a stylist for music videos and doing wardrobe and set design for independent films. The last film she worked on, Surviving Theater 9, was selected for the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival and won a Communicator Award for Best Production. She is the current reigning Miss Asia USA California 2019, a Transitional Mentor for incarcerated juveniles in the nonprofit InsideOUT Writers, and the Event Chair for the American Cancer Society’s Young Professional’s Network. Born and raised in L.A., she moved to San Diego a year ago for work. Lauren’s partnership with Emvee Bikini began as a model who had to sell the clothes down the runway and who subsequently became obsessed, leading to the creation of L Label Loves Emvee Bikini.


L Label Loves Emvee Bikini started off as two girls finding the magic in an irresistible, cohesive partnership, but became two women learning the empowering notion that 1+1 does not become 2, but becomes 11. A friendship turned into a foundation, where they learned that women who support women have a unique way of bolstering success. Living in worlds predicated on competition, they’ve learned to thrive by playing by a different set of rules: When I grow, we grow together. Their product and beliefs are meant to accommodate every open-minded and free-spirited girl, woman and child, with no discrimination to size, socio-economic upbringing, gender, creed, race or ethnicity.

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